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Media Mentions

Will Hillary ’16 Be A ‘White Dude Fest’? – Daily Beast 1/26/15

Democrats Still Haven’t Made Big Changes on Diversity Contracting – BuzzFeed 1/7/15

Audio of My Interview on KPFA W/Aimee Allison! It’s Good! – Kamau Bell 11/18/09


There’s a Georgia Solution to Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Problem — CNN 1/17/14

A Year Later, Michael Tubbs’ Reinvention Efforts Taking Hold — Bay Area Registry

Occupy Oakland: Murder Brings Everyday Desperation to Light — San Francisco Chronicle 11/11/11

Occupy Oakland: Video Eyewitness Account of Shooting Aftermath — San Francisco Chronicle 11/10/11

Occupy Oakland: Mayor Quan Issues Contrite Statement after Police Crackdown — San Francisco Chronicle

Occupy Oakland: Public sounds off on Mayor Jean Quan’s Facebook Page — San Francisco Chronicle 10/26/11

Heavy Handed Police Tactics at Occupy Oakland — San Francisco Chronicle 10/25/11

Oakland police layoffs mark the end of community policing — San Francisco Chronicle 07/14/10

Pride at 40: LGBT issues go mainstream — San Francisco Chronicle  07/27/10

Discovery Channel’s ‘Gang Wars: Oakland’ Series Spreads All the Wrong Messages About Poverty and Minorities — Alternet 9/22/08

Top Military Recruitment Lies — Seven Stories Press 9/20/07

Recruiter Sexual Abuse: Friendly Fire at Home? — Alternet 7/24/07

People Power: It’s Time to Stop the War Ourselves — Yes Magazine 11/07/07

Making Good Women Soldiers — Catholic Peace Fellowship 2005

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Aimee Allison headshotAimee Allison is Senior Vice President of PowerPAC+, an organization dedicated to electing social justice champions by engaging multiracial voters. A political and communications strategist, she was a director for the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women and led several sessions at the the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women NGO conference.  She was an on-camera host for LinkTV, Comcast Newsmakers on CNN Headline News and host of the KPFA Morning Show. In 2009, she founded the local blog OaklandSeen. She authored Army of None (Seven Stories Press 2007) and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aimee’s new book about women of color in politics is due out in late 2015.

Photo credit: Grace Harwood.